Wednesday, December 3, 2008

New Hope Baptist Church - 2008 Living Christmas Tree

New Hope Baptist Church presents the 2008 Living Christmas Tree entitled "The Promise" december 9 - 14! This year's production is on a grand scale with over 400 adults, youth and children taking part in the Choirs, Orchestra and Cast, as well as a 40 foot "singing" Christmas tree with thousands of computerized lights that will amaze and inspire you.

The all new original story tells of a family as they attend their town's Christmas Tree Lighting and Celebration. Upon their return home, the Grandpa tells the children the story of the Manger and the Christ Child, as it comes to life in music and drama. The final song includes a colorful Christmas Parade with special effects that will leave you feeling as though Christmas has really begun.

New Hope would love to invite all to this special Christmas Celebration. The tickets
are free to the community and are available online at , by calling 770-460-4838 or from the church office North Campus 551 New Hope Rd., South Campus Hwy 74. Also after Sunday services (South) 9:15 AM or (North) 10:55 AM.
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