Saturday, July 19, 2008

All Saints Anglican Completes Music Camp

Photo: Children completing the first All Saints Anglican Music Camp were: (Front Row, L-R) Gray Barbee, Katie Barry, Caden Bassett, Michaela Bassett, Emma Bryan, Gavin Bryan, Patrick Coffee, Rebecca Coffee, (Second row, L-R) Mary Daniel, Alexa Echevarria, Madelyn Echevarria, Andrew Fry, William Fry, Lilly Hammond, Madeline Hammond, Hannah Jones, (Third Row, L-R) Luke Jones, Cora Kendall, Ava Belle LeCroy, Tesss LeCroy, Zachery Leon, Madison Snider, Sydney Soto, Emma Toner, Rachel Towe.

All Saints Anglican Church in Peachtree City wrapped up its first Summer Music Camp 18 July as 25 children received certificates of completion from the Rector, Father Michael Fry after parents and staff enjoyed an end-of-camp concert.

Music Director Shannon Bryan organized and led the week-long program, with the assistance of over a dozen parish volunteers. The camp, which was conducted at 303 Kelly Drive, included children of ages 6-11.

During the program the children learned a variety of hymns and praise songs and were introduced to several types of musical instruments. Different parish members provided demonstrations of instruments to include the piano, harp, bagpipes, guitar and various percussion instruments.

All Saints first Family Camp will be held in the North Carolina mountains 25-28 July.

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