Thursday, May 29, 2008

Daughter, Sister, Friend Inaugural Issue

Daughter, Sister, Friend, a Christian Women’s Magazine celebrates the first drop date on May 29, 2008. Women from all over the world are currently receiving the inaugural issue of this unique magazine dedicated to the lives of everyday Daughters, Sisters and Friends. Their mission is to encourage, mentor and educate women of all ages while preparing the way for future generations.

Each publication will include highlights from current events, daily devotions, helpful and insightful information for day to day life, book reviews, Godly financial advice, in-depth Bible studies, real life testimonies and finally their very own advice column called “Dear Martha”. Writers from all over the world will contribute to this monthly publication making it truly by women and for women.

With limited advertising this magazine is committed to donating 95% of its profits to various non-profit organizations including His Restoration Place, a future shelter for abused women and children to be located in the Henry County, Georgia area.

Owner Angelina Loughrey is committed to growing the Kingdom of Christ with the various ministries that she has fostered and participates in. Her legendary spirit and love for her Brothers and Sisters in Christ empowers her to drive toward the goals that God has designed for her life. She believes that we are all Daughters of the Most High God, Sisters in Christ and Friends to those in need. Angelina can be reached by website at or at her McDonough, GA office at 404-867-0455.

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